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Farewell Harvest Jazz

Pete Scott

Even more satisfaction was expressed by Mrs Trellis of South Wales who, as usual, sent a text message congratulating the band on their persistence at achieving a termination after twenty seven attempts, and this was further endorsed by a bat aiming a celebratory poo at the drummer. So all in all it was a fitting end for an audience who went their different ways home with a nostalgic last top up of dreadful musical moments.


So, thanks to the wine donators. Thanks to the bun, sausage roll and cake makers and a special thanks to Julie Muttock who made two magnificent cakes. Thanks also to those who helped with the raffle and the bar, and the usual humpers, heavers and tidy-upperers plus many more who over the last twenty seven years of 'Harvest Jazz' have helped to make approx £18,000 - £20,000 for the church. Also thanks to the performers masquerading under the 'Apex' title, including past players who always managed to get here from all over East Anglia, (especially those who actually listened to my 'YouTube' links before playing them for the first time.) It would be great if live music, especially homegrown music, continued to enhance church life in company with the activities others are putting on. Pete Scott