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Messenger awarded Watson Bowl

When Councillors discussed the nominees for the Watson Bowl at the April Meeting, we found it extremely difficult to agree on one recipient, so the Parish Council decided to introduce a new Award which we have named “Volunteer of the Year” and purchased a Silver Salver together with stand. This award was also presented with a Certificate to Martyn Bryant, Gislingham’s Footpath Warden, on 16th May

Martyn Bryant

Congratulations to both The Messenger Team and Martyn Bryant who are very worthy recipients of these Awards.

It is expected that the Litter Bins in the Village will soon be replaced with much larger capacity bins. The two new Dog Waste Bins will also be erected outside the School.

Finally, the Parish Council were approached by Graham Sullivan, the Speedwatch Co- Ordinator requesting financial assistance to purchase a new Speed Gun. Parish Councillors fully supported this request using the Parish CIL funds.

The first point of contact for any matters relating to the Parish Council, is the Parish Clerk on or on 07796 410694.

Julie Bell, Chair, Gislingham Parish Council

A note from the editor

I am not sure anyone has made a “speech” when accepting the Watson Bowl award from Gislingham Parish Council, but then the award has always gone to an individual, but this year, it was awarded for 2020 to a team of 33 people.

There was no Annual Village Meeting, nor a “glittering awards ceremony” for the award to be presented to the recipients. And due to the pandemic and social distancing restrictions etc - the presentation was conducted outside the Gislingham Village hall in the rain, with four people in attendance.

But since I collected the award on behalf of The Messenger Team, I would like to mention all those involved as we are all equal recipients of this award.

The names of the individual members of the Publishing Team are no secret as we are all listed inside the front cover of the magazine. However, the award is in recognition of everyone involved in “The Messenger Team” and that includes our “un-sung” heroes, our distributors, who deliver the magazine every month to every house in Gislingham, Mellis and the Thornhams.

So, this award is also for: - Ruth Webb, Bonnie Tutin, Bee Banwell, Alan Roberts, Jackie Campbell, Colin Davies, Elaine Hayes, Julie Saunders, Roger West, Margaret Williams, Julie Bell, Becci Houchin, Betty Wells, Frances Beesley, Ray Aldridge, Jenny Farley, Samantha Cribben, Clare Hall, Rosemary Tyler, Vanessa Simmons and Winne Ralph.

But in true “Oscar Winning Acceptance Speech” fashion, this would not have been possible without those “behind the scenes” – therefore: -

“I would like to thank the Beautician, the Hairdresser, the Joiner, the Butcher, the Financial Planner, the Builder, the Accountant, the Painter & Decorator, the MOT Testing Centre, the local Carers, the Window Cleaner, the Picture Framer, the IT Support, the Graphic Designer, the Chimney Sweep, the Tree Surgeon, the local pubs, the Chocolatier, the Dentist and by no means least the Funeral Directors.....and anyone else that knows me!”

Because, without these local tradespeople and businesses, who provide the financial backing, there would be no magazine, no Messenger Team and therefore we would not have been awarded the Watson Bowl for 2020. So, I thank you all for continuing to support us as we strive to serve the local community.

It is also testament to a great community spirit that not only did we continue to publish and distribute throughout the pandemic, but we also had a “waiting list” of local volunteers who wanted to help distribute the magazine, should we have been short of distributors, during those very uncertain times of the first lockdown.

Jeff Norman - Editor