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New Footpath Warden for Gislingham

You probably recognise his name, as he is also the Mendlesham Scout Leader and Assistant Group Scout Leader.


The role of the Footpath Warden is to inspect all our public rights of way (around 85 miles apparently) to ensure that they are clear, route signs clearly visible and in place, stiles, gates and bridges are in good order. The role of the Footpath warden includes reporting to the Parish Council on a regular basis and also liaising with the Suffolk County Council Area Rights of Way Officer with any issues that require resolution.


Martyn has already walked some of the footpaths recently and there are some Way Marker posts that require replacing or new ones sited to ensure the correct route is displayed.


He has also noticed that someone has left dog poo bags in bushes. There are several Dog Bins around the village near footpaths, so he is appealing to all dog owners to use them please.

Having spoken to the SCC AROWO and to the PC, it is a local responsibility to site the Way Marker posts. They will be supplied by SCC, so Martyn is planning to arrange a day when this work can be carried out.  Once he has the new posts, he will circulate a date via The Messenger and its associated website and Facebook page and also the Parish Council website to hopefully get some helpers who can spare a few hours over a weekend to help Martyn with this work.


He would also like some help to complete some survey and remedial work on our public rights of way to ensure they are safe to use. The SCC has offered to provide some training and we will be covered by their insurance.


In the meantime, if you would like to help out, please let me contact Martyn on:  01379 788998 or via email: -