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Ruth's act of kindness to the fire crews tackling the flooding

Firefighters tackling the floods across the region were treated to a free coffee as they stopped off at Morrison’s petrol station in Diss to refuel.

Ruth Harris-Orford who lives in Gislingham and works at the petrol station, reached into her own pocket to buy Costa coffees for all the fire crews as a thank you for their efforts and hard work.

Ruth said: “I start work at 5.00am and the Fire crews were coming into the petrol station to refuel, having worked a 12-hour shift, from 5.00pm the day before. They all looked like they

could do with a cuppa! One crew in particular had travelled down from Sheringham to Diss, to help out the local fire crews.”

Ruth’s act of kindness would not have been public knowledge had it not been for a work colleague sharing the story on social media, which then alerted the Diss Express Newspaper.

Ruth has been surprised by the interest in the story from local media, but as I explained, it is important to publish something positive in these challenging times.

Ruth told me: “My act was nothing compared to what the firefighters had done for hours on end that night and continued to do after their coffee. Any praise should go to all the firefighters, along with anyone else who helped that night.”