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The Six Bells Gislingham - Update

Very many thanks to all of you who have completed and returned the Six Bells Community Group (SBCG)’s survey.

Responses received represented the views of more than 300 village residents in total. There was a hugely positive score in favour of maintaining the pub with an average response of 9.26 on a scale
of 1 to 10 (where 1 was not in favour and 10 was in favour) with 110 out of 132 responses (83%) scoring the maximum 10.

There was a very strong support for a restaurant (with a strong and detailed response on the catering options) and garden facilities. Most encouraging was that approximately half of the
respondents said they would be willing to get personally involved in the project and more than half stated they would be prepared to make a financial contribution to the purchase of the Six Bells.

We believe this gives our group, hopefully supported by the Parish Council, a strong mandate to take this project forward following the expiry of the appeal period in mid September.
There is still no indication that the new owners are planning to launch an appeal against the decision by the Mid Suffolk District Council (MSDC) to reject their Change of Use application.

At the time of writing, we have not received a response from the planning department of MSDC. We have repeated our enquiries to MSDC of our options once the appeal period has expired (or any
appeal is rejected). If we continue to receive no answer, we shall escalate the enquiry to the CEO of BMSDC.

We now intend to ask the Parish Council for funds to enable us to take legal advice on how best to proceed, if required. Given the huge level of support from village residents, we will do everything
we can to ensure that our “Asset of Community Value” is once again restored to its proper function as a thriving public house.

Chris Pitt, Chairman Six Bells Community Group