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Neighbourhood Watch - April

Date: 15 March 2019

It has been brought to my attention by more than two residents that Anti-Social behaviour
took place in the village over the February half term.  The newly planted flower bed
opposite the village hall was damaged by bicycles. The bulbs and flowers have been

In addition to this, motorbikes were also reported on the playground, as well as some
worrying anti-social behaviour towards young children. Older children were at the
Gislingham Playpark threatening the younger children and saying they had knives.
Apparently, an adult was present at the time with the younger children. I have also been
told that drug ‘cans’ were also found after the older children had left?
Damage has been caused to the slide and the netball post in the past and late-night parties
go on, with remains of alcohol left in the park the next day.

As we now have reports of escalating behaviour, it is thought by some Mums that those responsible for the threatening behaviour were from outside the village. The playground is behind few houses in a field and not in direct view of public traffic, whereas the flower bed is in the middle of a road. If anybody has any further details that I can pass to the police, please do not hesitate to contact me. Remember if you see it, report it as the only way that this type on incident is auctioned is if it is reported. Everything reported to me is in the strictest of confidence. Names ae never used. Help keep your village safe! The more information on incidents our local police have the more they can plan for prevention. I have been advised by Stefan, our local police contact, that if you see it and report it the same day, they will come and investigate.